The disarray second edition
Before winter second edition
Escape second edition


Foreword to "The Disarray"

You’re about to embark upon a fantastic journey. It’s one of boundless time and space and it’s compressed with the pages of the book you now hold. I only wish I could experience again, for the first time, the disarray — visual poetry as a masterwork

Review of “Escape”

Let me be clear at the beginning. I love Olga Karlovac’s Escape. The images are dark, blurry, out of focus, and that’s precisely the point. These are impressionist images and every one of them is an invitation to linger and dream. Turn to any page. Look at the image. Holding this book is dream-time, association-time, wonderful-time.

1st edition

Escape first edition
The disaray first edition
Before winter first edition


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