olga offers individual, one on one, or group, online interactive tutoring and sessions of the process of producing your own photo book.

starting with the vision and ending with your own produced/self published photobook
this includes exciting guiding interactive process that will help you develop idea and concept how to put your own vision into pages of your photobook.

i will share some instruction on photography techniques and shooting for the project, reviewing selections of your photos into a body of work.

i will cover all aspects of producing a photo book including the team of people you might need, editing, refining the character of the book, paper selections, print selections, and more.
as a participant it would be great to have Your project at any stage: ideation, production, or marketing. i will review and discuss it with you and provide personalized advice and feedback throughout the sessions.

apply and inquire okarlovac@gmail.com
Olga Karlovac tutoring
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