Olga’s style is an inspiration to many and she has given countless interviews. To share her experience she runs online tutorials for individuals and groups.

The interactive sessions cover everything from developing visions into concepts to independently producing and marketing photobooks. 

Olga talks us through the process from shooting and selecting a cohesive body of work, editing and refining the character of the book, comparing paper and printing options, to selecting a team of people essential for a successful project.

Participants are invited to present their own projects for Olga to review and discuss. She provides personalised feedback and advice throughout the sessions.

For enquiries and bookings please email
Olga Karlovac tutoring



today was my last session with olga karlovac,
this last month was one of the most greatest opportunities on my photographic life now i have a goal to achieve and a lot of work to do
thanks a lot

Lori Pasareno

Olga,  I want to thank you for the amazing journey you have taken me on these past four weeks.    
My studio work has gone from being a good portrait to an interesting engaging piece of art, I couldn’t be more excited!!  Your guidance helped me take my work to a creative place that surprises me each time I step into the studio!  
I am blessed to have worked with you.


Olga is an amazing and gifted artist and teacher. She has such an incredibly eye, and a sublime, unique vision, that compliments a beautiful and evocative sensibility. These qualities always shine through the  gorgeous, mesmerizing images she creates. Truly inspirational for both eyes and heart and soul ...