beautiful composition, named "before winter" composed by Gary Pozner, after seeing my exhibition in Willesden gallery. i get chills each time i hear it. thanks so much Gary!

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from the author was late october, the time before you put on your hats and gloves, the time when you look at the remaining leaves fluttering in the branches above your head while you walk down your neighborhood alley... and you start wondering when the mist will swallow the sun rays, when the rain will last forever, when the darkness will take over the sunlight... be honest, I have never been much of a sun lover, and don’t even get me started on the heat... so I am walking down the road waiting for my time of year to come – the time just before winter... I was about to tell a story made of photographs, that began in a nightmare during a cold and rainy night, which somehow turned into a melancholic fantasy of memories, and ended with “coming home”... whatever that may be...   

...I started shooting for this book later that year, it was early december...

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About Olga


About Olga
photo courtesy of Peter Murrell


Enigmatic and uniquely creative, Olga Karlovac’s mysterious but alluring portrayals in black and white have become a much admired signature style.
Atmospheric, and rich with emotion, her imagery resonates a melancholic beauty and invites one to take a poetic journey into the shadows as a fellow conspirator.
Zagreb and Dubrovnik are the ‘theatre stages’ for her dramatic and enchanting
images featuring abstract, lone and collective figures. Her compositions reflect a dream world glanced through rain, shadows, glass, and moisture– core elements that Karlovac regularly appropriates for her compositions.The artist’s worldwide audience is growing through the significant impact of her chosen
medium, the photo-book, where she keeps total control over every stage of production.
The release of the successful Before Winter (1st edition) a virtual sell out, lead to her latest publication The Disarray

Text written by Mike von Joel for Bermondsey Project Space Gallery introduction in December 2019

Lately Olga has published another photo book, "escape" final part of the trilogy of her books.
Her photography has been featured in many photography magazines, such as black+white photography magazine, frankfurter allgemeine zeitung etc.. Olga has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions around the world, mostly in London, where she exhibited in Saatchi, POSK, ECAD, Project Space and other galleries, as well as in New York, Amsterdam, Paris etc..

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